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The NFT Collection Committed to Combatting Climate Change and Reducing Crypto Carbon Footprints

Whacky World NFT Aim

Whether you’re an individual, a company, or even a governing body, being aware of the impact you have on the environment is the first step towards ensuring our planet remains happy and healthy – even after our lifetimes.

While innovation is essential for the progress of humanity, sometimes, technological advances
teeter on causing more harm than good because of their carbon footprints. Where the world of crypto aims to offer an alternative to printing money – which in theory should help reduce the globe’s carbon footprint caused by currency – crypto mining unfortunately requires an immense amount of energy.

Whacky World NFT aims to raise awareness on the ways both the crypto-world and we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprints and have a more positive impact on the planet. With the roadmap we have planned, our hope is to significantly reduce the global amount of annual carbon emissions as we promote a greener and better future for the planet. 
In the meantime, here are a few ways all of us can reduce our carbon footprint going forward.

As an Individual:

Use Less Carbon-Emitting Transportation

Whether you drive a car, take the train, or are a frequent flyer – taking less fuel- or coal-powered transportation will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Be a Conscious Eater

With the equal amounts of flavor and fullness you get from eating mostly vegan or pescatarian, there’s little excuse left to consume large amounts of red meat. Not only does the production of red meat use a ton of feed, water, and land, but cows themselves also give off large quantities of methane gasses too.

At-Home Awareness

Think about the amount of electricity you use in a day and consider how much of it is wasted… Whether its leaving lights on in rooms you aren’t occupying, leaving your heater or cooler on when you leave the house, or streaming movies through your console instead of your smart TV – energy can be saved in almost every corner of your home.

The Crypto World

Partner with Polygon

Just as Whacky World NFT is mindful and proactive about reducing our carbon footprint, so too are we urging other crypto-world players to do the same. One way we have done this is by partnering with Polygon, which is more than 99.9% carbon efficient than Ethereum.

Unlike Ethereum, Polygon uses a proof of stake process to validate transactions. This means that instead of having to solve complex problems to mine more crypto, already-mined tokens can be staked as collateral which validate transactions and mint new tokens.

If you’re a crypto-player,

We urge you to partner with Polygon today.